Web Development

The web is like a high street. Each website is a store, and people strolling by are potential visitors. But the scale is x 1m, and so is the competition.

SEO helps reach more users. Branding helps convince users to click on your link. But the ultimate goal is to retain visitors and convert them into paying clients. Clear navigation, appealing design, fast loading speeds, and original content are the pillars of a great website.

Here's how Lemonles can help:

  • Custom website development using CMS (Webflow/WordPress/Shopify/Wix)
  • Full-stack website development
  • Back-end and front-end search engine optimization
  • Website maintenance
  • Custom website graphics creation
  • SEO content writing
  • Domain and hosting setup
  • Custom application development
  • UX testing and improvement
  • Website re-design