Does Social Media Replace a Website?

Does Social Media Replace a Website?

August 9, 2022

Almost one-third of small businesses don’t have a website, relying on social media for advertising, customer relationship management, and sales. Starting a business on Facebook or Instagram is risk-free, but can social media replace a website for growing companies? Contrary to the widespread opinion that websites have gone out of the ark, they are more important than ever in 2022. Whether you’re self-employed or run an enterprise, a website is a must.

Why Do Businesses Rely on Social Media?

We see where companies refraining from websites come from. Social media has many benefits as a business channel. Social pages are easy to set up and don’t require initial investments. You can get instant exposure without seeking the help of third parties. Plus, social media doesn’t impose commitment. You can delete your profile anytime if the business is not going to fly and try again.

But here’s the catch – you cannot expect maximum ROI with minimum effort.

Pitfalls of Running Business on Social Media

Despite social media’s unarguable benefits, a business cannot thrive on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram alone. Here’s why.

Lack of Design Control

Design is the pivotal point of branding, essential for building brand recognition and customer loyalty. Social media limits creative freedom, tailoring your business page’s look to fit its interface.

Designers and SMM specialists constantly find workarounds to make social pages stand out. Still, you have no control over layouts, fonts, shapes, and other branded design elements. Each of your Facebook posts will inevitably have a white background, blue header, and Geneva font. You must be intentional with your design liberties to make your page unique.

Missing Out on Traffic Sources

Each business channel is a traffic source. The more online presence, the more leads. Putting all eggs in one basket means hindering your success.

By focusing on your Instagram or LinkedIn page, you’re missing out on search engine traffic. Nearly half of the commerce traffic is direct, 35%is from Google, and 9.6% from Facebook. Other social media account for 5.2% of total traffic.

Limited SEO Tools

Search engines may include a popular social page in search results, but your search engine optimization (SEO) tools are limited. Keywords, location, and user tags are your only ways to get discovered.

A business website helps you rank higher in search results and reach a broader audience by utilizing Alt texts, meta descriptions, back-end optimization, backlinks, and other SEO tools unavailable on social media.

Open Forum

Customer feedback is crucial for customer service and product quality improvement. However, intentionally gathered feedback is better than unsolicited.

Everyone can express their opinion on social media. Unfortunately, no business is safe from negative comments, complaints, and spam. Companies constantly monitor their social media comments and tags to remove defamatory remarks.

One may argue that feedback filtering means being dishonest with the audience and ignoring complaints. But every mention online affects your business reputation, whether fair or not.

Without a business website, you don’t leave customers a better contact option. They are forced to seek customer support in the comment section if you don’t reply to direct messages quickly enough.

If you have a website, visitors can find the necessary information without scrolling through dozens of posts, highlights, and comments and contact you by filling out a form.

Less Credibility

A website is vital for building business credibility and recognition. Creating a website requires investment and dedication, which signals that your business is trustworthy to prospective customers. A well-designed, optimized, informative landing page shows visitors you’re ready to go an extra mile and value quality.

Limited Functionality

Social media functionality is limited because each platform focuses on a particular content type. For example, Instagram is dedicated to pictures and videos, whereas Twitter to short text posts. Many platforms nowadays incorporate additional features, like marketplaces and analytics, but they are basic.

A website gives you full freedom of choice. You can choose checkout methods, make personalized offers, track abandoned carts, and integrate artificial intelligence – you name it.

You Aren’t in Control

At the end of the day, your social media page doesn’t belong to you. You run it, but it’s owned by the platform.

The platform can delete a publication or ban your page even if you’re careful, canceling years of hard work. Unfortunately, moderators don’t always use adequate judgment. In some cases, entire platforms are restricted by government authorities, and all users instantly lose access.

Benefits of Business Website at Glance

Still unsure whether you need a website? Consider these benefits.  


People are more willing to trust a company with a fast, responsive, functional website with distinct branding and persuasive copywriting.

Full Control

Your website is only yours, period. No third party has control over it. You’re the only one making decisions.

Marketing Opportunities

Your landing page is the harbor of your business channels. It’s essential for any marketing funnel to navigate leads to the nextstage on their journey to becoming customers.

The Best Traffic Source

Despite the growing social media user count, search engines remain the primary traffic source for any business. No platform has moreusers than Google.

Branding Freedom

Let your creativity flow – or trust your website design to a professional. You can align the website’s layout, typography, color code, and other branding elements with your vision, mission, and values for a distinct branding.

Improved CRM

A form on your website is the best way to anonymously contact you with queries, feedback, and complaints. A business website is also the best place for updates because they won’t get lost among recent posts.

Unlimited Functionality

You can integrate online games, quizzes, calculators, forms, artificial intelligence tools, checkout, databases, and virtually anything else on your website because its functionality is unlimited.

In-Depth Analytics

Your website gives you detailed information about visitor demographics and behavior necessary for improving your product and providing a better customer experience.

Get in the Driver’s Seat

Social media is a worthy channel for running promotions and boosting audience engagement, but it cannot replace a website. Creating a business website may seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

The key to success is finding the right web designer and developer who understands your vision and can bring it to life. Lemonles can assist you at every stage, from branding to back-end optimization andfilling your page with content. Get in touch today – ourconsultation is free!