About Us

Launched in 2020, Lemonles brings together a small team of enthusiastic creatives driven by a common goal. We help businesses grow from the ground up because your success is our success.

The problem with most marketing agencies? They are run by people who never worked within the industry. Lemonles founders spent over a decade gaining experience in web design and content writing before setting up a company.

Lemonles is a digital-first company. We're based in Ireland but work with brands globally. Whether you're from the US, Australia, or China, reach out! The web has no borders.

The worst your brand can be is generic. Modern marketing is content-led. The audience demands new experiences, entertainment, and value - and we deliver it.

The packaging is as important as your product. How you say something is as important as what you say. The power of presentation is immeasurable, and we help you harness it.